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- 10/21/2017

I raise about 40 calves a year on this machine.

Raised 100's of calves over the years

- 10/20/2017

We've had this calf feeder for over 3 years now. Works great and adding a second one!

Simple machine I can fix myself

- 10/11/2017

This machine gets the job done, I have raised about 90 calves a year for the last 4 years. Calves grow very well and are healthy when fed many times per day. If something needs to be replaced it is easy to do when you take the sides off of the machine. I have the ID-Tek Machine.

reasonable cost

- 10/11/2017

I have one machine in use and am preparing to install the second one. I really like the simplicity of the design, the reasonable cost, the flexibility of schedule and the ability to increase consumption. I wish it would automatically increase feedings.

Very Economical

- 10/03/2017

I have had my machine 2 years, and raised about 50 calves per year. I am very satisfied with the machine it is economical and easy to repair.

Calves doing better on feeder

- 09/23/2017

I used to use bottles and buckets, I have about 180 calves a year. It saves time if you have large volume of calves. Must watch for scours after putting calf on. I need to know when a calf is not finishing their feeding.

Good Starter Machine

- 09/16/2017

For someone on a limited budget and wants to take advantage of the benefits of group housing and labor savings.I have 2 feeders for 6 or 7 years and run about 130 calves a year.

Calves Grow better

- 08/05/2017

Requires less labor giving more time for management. I have been using for about 3 years.

Low Cost

- 07/15/2017

Greatly improves calves health and growth for considerably less cost than other automatic calf feeders. I run 2 feeders.


- 03/21/2017

Frank and his office staff takes very good care of us.Been using about 5 years.

Very Good

- 03/20/2017

I would recommend. I have one machine for more than 10 years.


- 11/14/2015

It's fine. Keep it simple and cost down like it is now.


- 09/08/2015

We have 5 machine. we are not currently raising small calves.The feeders were a great time saving ans enabled us to raise many more calves and their cost is great and machine easy to use

Good Tool

- 08/24/2015

about 150 lambs a year.


- 08/21/2015

Very inconsistent feed result water calibration is always off
feeder is hard to clean.
The machine is made with the right idea. but thing are crudely built. very difficult to feed calves consistently. Have not had good experience. we are currently looking for a better option.


- 05/04/2015

This is a good product for the price. Does not have all the bells and whistles of the more expensive machines but as long as you pay attention to your calves it works great. Loving it so far.
We have 4 Id TekII machines.


- 04/25/2015

The feeders have made it a lot easier to double birth weights within 8 weeks and we are seeing the gains the whole life time of the animals.

I would like to have a thermostat for the water temp. Digital or Conventional. Also bigger powder hoppers or extentions because when we have 25 calves on the feeder we have to fill the feeders 4 times a day and we don't have the help or time to fill 4 times a day.

The feeders are excellent. We have seen the difference the feeders do in the feedlots and also in the parlor. The animals are healthier and just plain out perform the animals that weren't on the feeders.

We have 4 IdTekII machines.

Idtek 2

- 04/10/2015

A simple, economical way to get started into this way of feeding calves.


- 03/31/2015

The allotment of credits, if a calf has multiple credits but drinks all the credits. This shorts calves on getting all the milk possible.
Very simple and easy to assemble.
Feeder has been working well and calves learn to drink from it easily. Very simple machine that can easily be set up in any building. I would recommend a better system of being able to take off the nipple to clean, right now we have to leave it on to clean overnight to get it off we have to cut it.


- 03/17/2014

We have one Id Tek machine and just purchased our second Id TekII machine.

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