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5 years

- 10/26/2017

I have 4 of the older Lac-Tek machines and have been using them for about 4 years, I run about 200 lambs a years on the machine. It works good, I would recommend it to someone who has to feed lambs.

Labor Saver

- 10/11/2017

I have been using my machine 3 years, big labor saver. Very Good support, very few problems.

Kids, Lambs, and a calf

- 10/05/2017

I have had my machine for 2 years, my mom bought a BeBe-Lac this year too.

First Year

- 10/04/2017

This was the first year we used the machine. My lambs are better than years past.

Saves a lot of work

- 09/25/2017

Easier to keep lambs fed once they figure out how to eat. I had problems with the auger coming off. I wish they would change the hose intake to a female hose connector.

2 feeders

- 09/25/2017

Requires a lot of maintenance and need to be mechanically inclined to repair the machines. I had a lot of problems with the sensor probe.

Time saver

- 09/25/2017

I used to hang 12 pails with 6 nipples on the fence twice a day. I bought one machine and borrowed another which had been damaged but it worked. Had problems with one when it was hit by lightening and burned up the cord. It saves a lot of time during lambing.

2 machines

- 09/20/2017

Better than nipple buckets when raising 300 plus kids. Had one machine and added another.Had some issues with the seal and the front bowl. Have to clean too often. Sometimes had to wait for parts.


- 08/17/2017

Better than Pails

Save Time

- 07/13/2017

Major Time Saver and the lambs do very well.

Good Product

- 11/18/2016


- 04/23/2016


- 08/18/2015

we have 8 lactek.
Excellent machine. Every year we get better at running them and keep them clean


- 06/23/2015

we have 4 lactek.
Quite a time saver lamb do excellent on machine, save about 6 man hours a day.


- 06/14/2015

Our lambs on the feeder get fatter than the lambs who stay on their mothers and get cup feed. Since there's no way to "step-down" wean on the feeder, some of the lambs crash (i.e., the fat melts off quickly) when weaned off the feeder.
Made a phone call to get help calibrating the machine. Was able to get that done without any problems.
Your own website is great.
Always able to find and buy what I need and receive it quickly.
Probably the single best purchase we've made. I would recommend one to any producer with more than 100 ewes.


- 06/02/2015


- 05/13/2015

Worked perfectly. But very poor nipple. We had a lot of dripping also. We tried a lot of stuff but still dipping.


- 03/20/2015

The lactek lamb feeder has made lambing season a lot easier on our farm. The job of keeping our lamb well nourished 24 hour a day and achieving good weaning weight is much easier to accomplish now.


- 02/25/2015


- 02/04/2015

we modified it to take lamb bar nipple because they last longer


- 01/07/2015


- 12/17/2014

we feed 70 lambs/20 calves per year. Had the feeder for 5 year, sold it in fall 2014.
Service from Biotic was exceptional.
The lactek is just a good all around replacement for a mama.


- 08/29/2014

We were bucket feeding am and pm before. They have grown 30% faster on the Lac-Tek when everything is working right.

We have one Lac Tek and one Lac TekII.


- 03/07/2014


- 02/13/2014

We have been using the feeders for 10 year or so.
We were the first in our area to buy and use this feeder.We have been very happy with the results that by our work of mouth there has been 10-15 machine sold in our surrounding area.

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