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Biotic’s automatic ID-TEK help create stronger, healthier calves – and increase feeding efficiency and cost savings.



Stronger, Healthier Calves
Research shows that calves reared quickly to weaning weight typically outperform their peers throughout their lives. Biotic automatic ID-TEK help rear calves quickly to weaning weight in a way that aligns with their natural feeding instincts.

•     ID-TEK allow calves to feed at their own frequency and volume according to their natural instinct.

•     ID-TEK help ensure calves move around freely, resulting in animals with better muscular development, form and meat quality.

•     ID-TEK support healthy calf development by allowing calves to drink warmed milk by means of a nipple – supporting the instinctive suckling action critical to normal digestive functioning, nutritional absorption, and overall health.

•     ID-TEK allow monitoring and reports on individual calf milk consumption – offering valuable insight on calf health and development.

The Benefits of Natural Feeding – the Efficiency of Automatic

Biotic automatic  ID-TEK allow calves to feed on demand according to natural instinct – improving calf health and quality of development.

•    Continuous milk access gives calves ability to feed at will according to their natural instinct.

•    Adjustable milk/powder ratio (strength of milk adaptable) allows weight and health monitoring for each calf, and supports natural weaning process.

Reduces Labor, Increases Efficiency, Saves on Costs
Biotic automatic  ID-TEK provide an on-demand feeding system that saves time, reduces manual labor and generates cost savings.

•    No mixing by hand – Biotic feeders are fully automatic.

•    Significantly reduces labor costs & saves time – ID-TEK automatically manage feeding with minimal manual labor required. Just five minutes per day for cleaning and monitoring are needed.

•    Install anywhere –  ID-TEK can be located in any type of building and only need connections to electricity and running water.

•    Decreases product cost –  ID-TEK help eliminate excess product waste and decrease product cost by mixing only the amount of milk or milk replacer necessary for each animal.

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The Biotic ID-TEK

The Biotic ID-TEK


bstat200The Biotic ID-TEK system is an easy-to-use calf feeding system that takes automatic feeding one step further by making it possible to program and control individualized meals for each calf or for a variety of animals of different ages.

•    Customized automatic feeding with programmable milk quantities, quality, and feeding frequency for up to 25 calves per feeder:
-   Individually manage milk concentration, milk quantity and milk quality

•    Program and control maximum daily milk intake for each calf.

•    Customize milk allowances and supplements based on individual calf’s health, condition and nutritional needs.

•    Monitor calf health, well-being and progress.
o    ID-TEK tracks daily calf consumption for better calf management.
o    Data provides valuable insight into condition, nutrition and health status of each calf.

•    Auto-Wean allows gradual decrease of milk intake according to pre-set pattern when calf reaches appropriate weight.

How the ID-Tek Works

The Biotic ID-TEK automatically recognizes and manages individual feedings for each calf.

1.    The simple user interface allows you to easily set individual maximum daily intake for each calf.

2.    ID-TEK feeder automatically assigns ‘liquid credit’ to calf based on set maximum intake.

3.    Each calf wears scannable ear tag that can be read by the feeder.

4.    When calf approaches, the ID-TEK recognizes the calf, mixes pre-set milk type, quality and quantity.

5.    Calf is allowed to consume up to its pre-set maximum intake.

The Biotic ID-TEK Business Advantage

The Biotic ID-TEK offers numerous advantages over other automatic calf feeders.

•    Revenue Generator. ID-Tek helps you capitalize on calves’ natural feeding instincts in a low-stress environment that helps create higher value animals with better muscular development, form and meat quality.

•    Reduce Labor & Time Demands.
o    Easy installation (just electricity and running water required).
o    No specialized training required for operation.
o    Needs just 5 minutes per day for cleaning and maintenance.

•    Customize milk quality, quantity & feeding frequency for up to 25 individual calves per feeder.
o    Helps ensure each calf receives nutrition it needs to quickly reach weaning weight.
o    Allows inclusion of small quantities of supplemental liquid products in with feed using auxiliary pump.

•    Manage, Calculate and Track feed consumption and frequency for all animals.

o    Changes in consumption provide warning tool for potential illness in individual or group.
o    Provides insight into effectiveness of feeding plan/strategy.
o    Ensures consistency of feed patterns, quantities and schedule.

ID-TEK 's feeding method effectively rations the animal and allows it to drink at will, which satisfies the animals natural instinct.

ID-TEK permits faster weaning of replacement heifers and beef. and better gain in veal without all the intensive labor. This produces happier and calmer animals that grow and are weaned at a faster rate.

With ID-TEK you can now have different animals - replacement heifers, beef, and veal of different ages feeding at the same machine while giving each an appropriate individualized diet.

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